Let’s get it started – or: special regards to an overseas friend

It’s getting all funny now – hold on tight friends: this will be international today… Inga blogs in English (at least this time) … I can’t believe it myself…

It’s not like I want to get on bord the trend of showing off writing in English. And no, it’s not like my English has developed that much to write in (an accurate) English from this day on either. And although I have always been overwhelmed with inquiries that I received from James Cameron and Oliver Stone to finally blog in English I never replied to that.

The reason is just as simple as important: it’s a man (*lol* who’d have expected THAT). No honestly:
Herewith I just want to send a special „Hi“ to a good friend of mine, whose German is as bad as my English (hm, I’m not really sure about this). For quite some time now there is someone who couldn’t bear my bad English anymore and who started to be my „virtual English teacher“. I don’t know what I did to deserve his patience (specially during those moments when he corrects me and I ask him if he’s really sure about that *lol*)

Ok, „Mr. B.“ I hope you are proud of me now – well actually you should be proud of yourself then – because a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have had the guts to post in English. Still, to be honest I have to say that Karo skip-read this text in the end – after all I had to write this without your help this time :)

Well “Mr. B.”, I am very happy that I had the luck to meet you – especially by means of a media and a platform that doesn’t really offer to much intellectual output. All the more surprised I was when we first met. Up to now I not only had the chance to improve my English (at least I hope so) but in addition we’ve had a good laugh many times. We have quite a good time together and I want to thank you for these moments – for your humor, your charming personality and your patience!

The more we got to know each other, the distance between the States and „good old Europe“ turned out to be meaningless but still annoying at the same time. This fact speaks for itself…
Well then “Mr. B.”, if it was just for my state of knowledge of the English grammatical system we’ll will have to deal with each other for a long time to come *smile* schedule enough time for our lessons for the next few years.

See you in a bit *hug*

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5 Kommentare zu Let’s get it started – or: special regards to an overseas friend

  1. Reyne sagt:

    <p>I am so proud of Inga. She has been an excellent student. We have had great times becoming friends in a virtual world that brings everyone closer together. I has been wonderful meeting her. It’s not ofter one gets the chance to meet and become friends with someone world’s apart. So great job, Inga, and keep up the great work. See you in SL at the castle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile.<br />
    Reyne B.</p>

  2. Karo sagt:

    coooool, i was mentioned 2 *smile*

  3. Wishbringer sagt:

    Wow, what ist the name of this wonderful translation program? Or is your statement „as bad as my English“ just a kiddy joke?

    Ich versteh jedenfalls nur die Hälfte ;-) Hut ab.

    Greetings around the corner from wishbringer

  4. inga sagt:

    Schön dich zu lesen Wishbringer! Nun, der Ehrlichkeit sei genüge getan: wie schon im Post erwähnt, habe ich mein rudimentäres Englisch gebraucht, um diesen Post vorzubereiten. Leider ließ es mein unterentwickeltes Selbstvertrauen – was englisch angeht – (und der Sinn des Post!s „special regards to an overseas friend“) nicht zu, diesen unkorrigiert zu veröffentlichen… aaalso: the name of this wonderfull translation-programm is „karolin“. Sie hat all meine unbeschreiblichen Fehler verbessert, sonst hätte es wohl niemandem Spass gemacht (wobei mein virtueller Lehrer noch immer behauptet, ich solle mal mehr Mut beweisen. Vielleicht will er auch nur mal so richtig lachen…)
    Liebe Grüße von drei Ecken weiter…

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